samedi 15 octobre 2016

Women and Argan oil: the economic impact

Women and Argan oil: the economic impact

Every other tree bears fruit whose kernels are to make Argan oil. The women must collect 30 to 50 Kilos of fruit, they yell from 7 trees and 2 hours to produce 1 liter of oil. They can pick the fruit straight from the tree as it has shot thones it painstaking process. Everything is done by hand and in the Berber culture, it has long been considered as women work. In the past conservative women cannot leave the house to work, but times changed. The Argan now id giving them a new opportunities.
According to the Moroccan government there are 5000 women working in more than 1070 cooper across Morocco dedicated to Argan oil.

The Berber women are obviously to what the cosmetics companies made with their royal, but the money they receive has completely changed their lives, there are now financially independent and often more than their husbands, that can increase women’s self-confidence. With the income, the women send the children to school or they shop without asking their husbands for money. The women have established the tree nursery, the Argan sidling’s lead to be specially nurtured as rend for morocco. Those women‘s independence is rely under the survey of Argan trees.

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