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Argan: The most prized oils in the world

The most prized oils in the world

The Argan tree known as Argania spinosa, the trees endemic to the southern morocco it does not grow anywhere else.
These trees is a relic of the earth’s tertiary period, which ended about 1, 6 Million years ago.
Slow growing and fiercely spiny, this tree may grow up to 10 meters tall and live for over 200 years. Argan oil has been produced and exported from Morocco for thousands of years.
However, due to excessive exploitation the Argan is now one of the rarest of tree on earth.
To protect the Argan tree UNESCO has declared the area in which the tree grows a “biosphere reserve”. Funds raised by the sale of Argan oil helping to improve standars of living in local communities. There are two types of Argan oil produced from the Argan nuts by using similar processes. The cosmetic form of Argan oil is light yellow in color and is used externally on the hair or skin , it’s also has a reputation as an anti-aging skin treatment and is used for eczema and other kin conditions , it is also used traditionally as a massage oil in the treatment of arthritis.
Edible Argan oil is golden brown color and is used for cooking and eating. No matter which method is used to produce the Argan oil, the process starts in the same way.
The Moroccan oil (Argan) contains a composition of the following fatty acids:
• 44% Oleic acid
• 30% Alpha-linoleic acid
• 12% Palmitic acid
• 6% Stearidonic acid
• 5% Linoleic acid 
• 3% Myristic acid
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