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The methods of Argan oil production

The first step: gathering the fruits  

the production of Argan oil passes through the collection of fruits and deployed in outer space under the sun for a certain period until it stiff then stored in a safe place at home. Within the framework of the traditional mode of production, the collection of these nuts takes place during the months of June, July and August by region. There is an ancient traditional system in the land of Argan called agder, whereby they close the forest and prevent grazing activities the purpose of this is to prevent the herd of sheep from eating and destroying the plants, the forest would be close under this system until the nuts dries and completed its fall process. Then they open the forest and will be announced by the Barah in the markets or minarets.

The Second step: the stage of peeling
 Women play an important role during all phases... At this stage, the woman peeling time by a small stone  called: Tasargt and puts the nuts  between another stone called: Osarg used to open with precision and dexterity .
the outer shell (used as feed cattle) from the internal crust , After sorting between Anhma second operation starts with a change to the type of stone (each stone has a specific type of peeling or breakage)

The second process is the significant one. This stage needs to be focus and patience, and  takes two or three days to extend  one liter of argan oil .
 the last step , they get the sort of tonsils and solid crust (use as fuel for cooking and heating)

A photo showing previous operations

The third step: frying or roasting

 this stage starts with the last resort in the productive stage.  the tonsils are placed on Ceramic mud (ankhddam) above the blazing fire and constantly moved with a spoon called(Tasraft) to reach the degree of redness without burning.
Traditional roasting process.

Important Note: Argan oil prepared for the beauty does not pass through those stages in order not to lose its cosmetic properties during the frying process

Milling and extraction stage:    
First: milling              
the importance of quality and safety of the product :  the extraction method plays an important role in obtaining a pure Argan oil without impurities .
 After obtaining the tonsil  well fried they put it accurately  to grind it with the traditional blender called (Azark) and poured automatically in a bowl mud casserole called (Aqsri) .

Second: Extraction turning the thick liquid into a pure oil .

This process will be prepared carefully by pressing the lquid with hands several times. This helps to preserve its wonderful original flavor and aroma. It also maintains all the vital nutrients that give it its magnificent medicinal properties.

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